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"Lee Kelley was outstanding to work with. He stimulated my thought process concerning information he needed through his guidance and motivation. This made for a more complete and professional resume including the Federal ECQ's and TQ's. It was a great deal of work for both Lee and I, with a very short turnaround, but I believe it has provided me with one of the finest resumes I've ever helped develop."
-Jack G. Lane

Know it has been a while, but wanted to let you know the status of the selection process for the job. I was notified that I have been selected and given a tentative offer. The process that must now be completed is that I have to have my financial and security clearances validated and the ECQs approved by OPM."

"From rejected ECQs to SES: I was very pleased with your service. The ECQs I initially submitted were rejected by OPM. I contacted your company since I only had one more opportunity with OPM. My writer Lee did a good job enhancing my ECQs to meet OPM's standards. He provided candid feedback as he worked to improve my written narratives. I wanted my ECQs within 10 days, and Lee delivered my updated ECQs within my specified timeframe. I became a SES member after OPM approved my modified ECQs."
-W. Smith

"Bruce. well everybody loved it--including an SES friend who sat SES selection boards. Thanks again, and let me know if you need anything more for the ECQs."
-D. Hall

"Chris and Lee are the epitome of professionalism. Eric helped me scope what career fields were best suited for my application based on my life experiences. Lee was superb at pulling information from me, formatting it, and developing compelling narratives that made my resume "POP" and stand out. Definitely recommend them to all."
-Robert Scott

"Outstanding quality and exceptional support!"

"Upon contacting CareerPro Global I received a call back that, to my surprise, lasted over 45 minutes. Everyone I have spoken with has taken the time to explain all the processes and tricks of government hiring to me in wonderful detail. My first conversation with the writer of my resume, Joseph Tatner, lasted over an hour and the information I received in that call alone was very valuable. After completing the required forms, receiving a first draft from Mr. Tatner, and going through the revision process I am confident that I have a resume that sets me apart from the competition. I look forward to working with CareerPro Global again for any future resume needs I have and I recommend them wholeheartedly to my associates who need government resumes."
-Adam Drake

"Terrific experience. Lee Kelley was easy to work with and delivered a top-notch product. I have already recommended your services to several of my colleagues. Thanks again."
-L. McNeely

"This was an accelerated project; I think from initial contact to application submittal, the process took just seven (7) days. Result: a top-quality, 26-page package, and an interview now scheduled for the 24th of May. I know I'm qualified, but the application package verified it."

"Please accept this short note of appreciation on behalf of Mrs. Fran Sheridan. I have had the pleasure of verbally communicating back and forth with Mrs. Sheridan as she worked so diligently on preparing my resume. I selected CareerPro from the internet without any recommendation or having any knowledge of your company. I was greeted by Mr. Chris Sheppard and swiftly given to Mrs. Fran Sheridan. I was in no way prepared with the information that Mrs. Sheridan required. I would like for you and your staff to know; Mrs. Sheridan patience came through the telephone line like no one I have ever worked with before. I did not experience not one occasion where Mrs. Sheridan verbal conversation made me feel rushed or unprepared. Mrs. Sheridan talked me through documents that I needed. She explained what would help enhance my resume. Never , once did she have a discouraging word. I can't explain how this has made me feel to work with a person from a distance and receive so much kindness, patience and understanding. Mrs. Adams, please be informed that I have shared with Mrs. Sheridan that I felt she was assigned to me for a reason. I have thoroughly appreciate all of her hard work to get me to a finish product. I hope and pray that Careerpro, Inc is as appreciative of Mrs. Fran Sheridan as I am. I could not have found a better person to communicate with over the telephone and the internet system. Please let Mrs. Fran Sheridan know that she has a client who will be forever grateful for her dedicated commitment to ensuring that I would have a professional resume. With sincere gratitude."
-Margaret J. Bruner

"I wanted to thank you and your organization for the experience and professional assistance I received from Bruce Hillman. His work was fantastic, really top drawer! As you could imagine, after 30 years in the Army, numerous deployments, many headaches and heartaches, turning that experience over to a person that I have not met, was not easy. His prose was magnificent. He took all of the gibberish that I provided and turned it into a world class product.I have used other resume companies and have not received the same results, or trust. My many thanks as I begin this new chapter in my life. I feel greatly prepared with his product."
-W. Wood

"Fran: Any one that asks for my resume advice will be given your name and number.....along with the highest possible endorsement. Cheers!"
-W. M. Colonel, USAF

"Bruce: Just gave you an A on your report card! You are outstanding. Thanks again!"

This resume looks unbelievable!!!! I am extremely happy and it has surpassed my expectations! I will take a closer/harder look at both documents tomorrow and send you any final edits I have. (I doubt there will be many)."

"Joseph: I completed the on-line application process. It went smoothly. I really really appreciate your great effort and outstanding services. I completed the survey below and could not find a score higher than 10 on the ratings scale. I also completed the testimonial section. If I get feedback on the application, I'll let you know. Again, I greatly appreciate your outstanding effort on this project."
-Tony Jones

Thanks to your program and prompt efforts I was able to get my resume posted in time. The next morning I received an email from Main Academy requesting to speak with me next week. Although there are several gates to make it through it is a promising first step towards transition. Once again, thank you for the quality product."

"Terrific experience. Lee Kelley was easy to work with and delivered a top-notch product. I have already recommended your services to several of my colleagues. Thanks again."

"Mark Holmes has been just super to work with. He is brilliant; he has put up with my reviews, comments, cynicism and downright fears of rejection throughout this process. Everyone I have shown his work to, has said “outstanding, beautifully written!" There can be no greater compliment than to receive this type of feedback. It is too bad that talent like Mark’s goes so often unrecognized by those who will actually read his work…"
-Name Withheld

“Mark, you have got to be near genius when it comes to this type of writing. I can do technical publications and technical papers, but resumes are a totally different breed of critters… Translation: If I can’t dazzle you with my technical brilliance, let be baffle you with my bull… I can sling words with the best of them in the techno-arena, but sales is beyond me. Especially in today’s job market when the competition is so fierce.To sell a resume is a skill far removed from mere technical-writing for mortals… I want you to know my thoughts firsthand, since I doubt he will be so bold as to share my comment with you! I have no objections admitting a ‘professional’ perfected my resume!"

"Hey,Fran: Interview with State went so well that my future supervisor said I had the job...once HR approves. I owe you a big thanks as I know I wouldn't have had a chance without you ....I'll let you know when it's all official ....Thanks for getting my ticket out of here.'

"I am now with Booz Allen Hamilton earning 10k more than I was making with SAIC and as a result of the relocation I was able to move in with and marry my fiance. It's all a direct result of the great job you done on my resume. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I'm very happy. I am considering a deployment to Afghanistan and even internally the other Booz offices want my most current resume. I also want to look at the rest of the market for deployments to see what I can possibly earn. So its time to update it :) . Thanks once more for everything.'
Jason Alridge

"Response from an Agency within the Department of Navy: September 16th – mailed “old resume” October 1st – updated profile with new resume - October 5th – got email request for DD-214s for an internship program. Thanks so much for this opportunity."
Phil Ristcao

"Dorice: Thanks! Love the new job! I wanted to send you a note but the job has kept me hopping ...which is a good thing. Thanks for all your help and support. I will definitely reach out to CPG when my next job promotion opportunity comes along. Regards,"
Dan Herche

"Service was excellent and recommended your services to individuals who needed there resumes to be completed. I will always come back to your company for anything I would need help or questions on to better myself with a good career. I am so pleased with the way that your folks handled everything from payments to communicating with the writer to ensure that projects were completed in a timely matter. Good and professional staff at CareerPro Global keep up the good and hard work."
Joey Blass

"I am truly pleased with the service, attention, commitment, dedication, honesty, guidance, and product received from both Anna Anderson and Susan Harris. I've told so many people about my experience, and would recommend anyone desiring to advance or pursue a position within the Federal Government to utilize these services. You've exceed my expectations. You've gone above and beyond. I look forward to working with you again!"
Dana Legette

"Despite an extremely short suspense coupled with my family emergency, Joseph went about and beyond to assist me in preparing for this next phase of my life. "Thank you and God Bless" Thank you Eric and Chris for being so customer oriented. This was a wonderful experience."
Gloria Norwood

"The care and treatment of my project was not only a great learning experience but the direction offered was exceptional!"
Peter Edge

"This was an investment in my career at a pivotal stage of my life. My team obviously had the expertise I needed to give me an edge in applying for Federal Government positions. They were highly professional, but personable and very patiently and willingly answered all my questions."
Cheryl Hogarth

" Everyone has said that they have never seen a resume quite like this one and it caught their attention. One recruiter said that he sees up to 100 resumes a day and mine stood out so, he wanted to give me a call to discuss the position that I had applied for. In the meantime, I have already accepted a position that I applied for after you completed my resume a couple of weeks ago. Having been out of work since Nov. 2009, I don't think this could have been possible without your hard work. I am very grateful to you! Thank you, Fran!!" Best Regards,
Therese Manson

"Anna, I'm very pleased with all the work you did in preparing my federal resume. In respect to the Revenue Officer position with the IRS I applied for, I received an email inviting me to take the Revenue Officer Self Assessment. I'm going to be taking that tomorrow."
Kevin Beathan

"This service was extremely helpful with the federal job postings I was extremely pleased. Peggi and Chris knew just what was needed for me to apply for these jobs. It is working! Thanks for everything."
Robin Duncan

"The product I received was so well written and put together that it gave me a renewed sense of confidence in my job search. Thanks CareerPro!"

"My Tech Writer Joseph Tatner was excellent. I could tell from his responses, I had nothing to worry about. I will definitely be asking for him again."
Marsha Camp

"Mr. Steffan was a tremendous help in crafting both my MTR and my USA Jobs resume. I would highly recommend his services to my Soldiers and anyone else in the transition process. He communicated to me on a routine basis and kept me abreast of any changes. I'm extremely pleased with the result."
Barry Brinker

"Fran: Was one of four people selected to interview for the SES position. Waiting to hear results. Meanwhile I have been the acting Director, and have received numerous accolades from the DISA Director...will let you know how it turned out...BTW my SES package was rated the best overall. Thanks"

"Susan did a phenomenal job! Despite my hairy travel schedule, she was available with instant response due to our time difference."
Jennifer Bilodeau

"I hired on with CALIBRE last week. You finished my resume, I applied for a job and "BAM" they called and hired me."
D. Terwilliger

"I am pleased with the service that was provided by CareerPro staff with completing projects on a timely matter. Prices were very affordable and the writing services was excellent also, I am know working on a career job that I really love Thanks to CareerPro Global for making my dreams come true."

"CareerPro Global provided me with an exceptionally professional resume and cover letter that I am very proud to send out. Customer service was top notch and their commitment to excellence is un-matched! I highly recommend CareerPro Global to assist anyone with building a resume that stands out from all the others. Thanks to Mark for his hard work!"
Christopher Pheasant

"The final product was astounding. Information relevant to the vacancy announcements were well interpreted into my resume. I will definitely recommend this service to all my friend who will separate or retire in the near future."
Mark Shores

"I had almost given up hope of finding a resume service that fit my needs. My experience with Gerard Steffan was eye-opening. I learned a great deal during the exchange process. It was more like collaboration. You have a satisfied customer here. I’I'm coming back to you folks! Thank you"

"I will make sure that I pass your information around to anyone that can use help with a resume. It was certainly worth the investment. Thanks! "
Doug C.

"Been so excited I forgot to email you. Lockeed Martin offered me the job on Thursday and I officially accepted it today. Susan it was your resume that did it. I had three hour interview and was told so many times by so many people how impressive my resume was. I can't thank you enough. I am so grateful to you I can't tell you. They want me to start in Jan so I will only have Dec to get moved. I will be getting two paychecks until April 1 so that makes the move worth it. Their compensation package is out of this world. Thanks again so much and I promise to keep in touch."

"Joe Bradfield is a valuable asset to your company. He is prompt, hard working and very friendly. Joe, took the time to get to know me and my skill set. He worked late and kept me posted on the process. I would recommend his services any time."
Brad Fleck

"My writer, Deborah Young, was very helpful and supportive. She was able to craft a great federal resume with the information provided. She remained in contact with me during the whole process and was able to answer any questions I may have had. Overall, I am really pleased with the service and would definitely use it again."
Matt Leatherwood, JR

"Fran: Got two referrals to TSA from your award winning resume writing. GS 14 Supervisory positions ...nothing wrong with that. Thanks

"I really was impressed with my resume. Thanks to you guys I got more opportunities of employments."
William Castillo

"Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Where have you been my entire Federal Career? For some strange reason, I could tell you would bring me through this nightmare on ELM ST. (LOL). I will be sure to let you know the outcome and I will be contacting you for a resume soon. Thank You So Much."

"Eric, Well, the resume you did for me was effective. With absolutely no government or Army experience I have just finished my first year at USAG "
Doug Barnes

"Debbie I am very pleased with my new resume. Deborah definitely tailored it to fit the Announcement and covered all of my work history. In addition, the format is so much easier to read, along with being simplified."
lavone Bankston

"Pat: I just got a job offer from dept of education today and have accepted the position. Thanks you for helping with the resume. It was really effective and worked. Thanks"
Hien Duong

"Joseph Bradfield: I would like to thank you for giving me that "leading edge" on my resume! Last month, I had a telephonic interview at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. I was a little nervous, and the interview went well. I have many other job offers as well. I just would like to thank you for your expertise and professionalism in doing what you do best...Pimp in out federal resumes! My hat goes off to you! Regards, "
Marcus Lawrence

"Hello Patricia, I just wanted you to know that the resume you did for me got me hired at URS Corp doing aircraft maintenance as a contractor at Robins AFB GA at $26.85hr. Thanks a bunch!"
|James D. Everett.

"I would recommend Career Pro Global to ANYBODY wishing to enter Federal service, especially with a military background. After extensive phone interviews, my writer took the time to understand my background, and somehow make it fit into the job I was interested in. Counting that position, his KSA's have gotten me on to the short list of candidates three out of four times. Career Pro's results are as near to being a sure thing there is in an uncertain world."
Michael E. Blount, DIA

"After 2 years applying to Federal Jobs on my own with no luck you made it possible. I can not find the words to thank you for the Resume and KSA's that you wrote for me. I applied to the U.S. State Department and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Both Resumes went to the hiring Managers who conducted a phone interview with me. Believe it or not one Federal Agency told me that the position that i applied for may not be good match for me. When I heard that I was shocked until they respond by asking me if I may consider a higher position with greater pay. Thank you so much Deborah."
SSG. Allan Young

"What can I say other than WOW! My resume is excellent. Thank you so very much. I'd hire me in a heart beat! I will let your company know how all goes. It's been a pleasure working with your company and its team. Their genuine interest in me and in getting my best attributes in a clean, concise resume was reassuring during such an otherwise stressful time. In addition to an A+ resume, the collection of resources you included is invaluable. Thank you so very, VERY much again. The confidence level has soared."
Sgt Furino, Felice C.

" Joe, Just wanted to let you know your resume rewrite worked. Since I started using your version, I've been referred for 5 jobs at the 14/15 level and already interviewed for one. Thanks again,"
George Jurgens

" Susie: I have been selected "Best Qualified" on two jobs. I had my first interview with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Friday for a GS14 position. Thanks for your help."
V. Flowler

"I've been so pleased with the final product, and Patricia Duckers was amazing. I've already gotten 3 calls and I've only had my resume out for less than a week. One of them was for an amazing managerial position at the Pentagon Office of the Secretary of Defense."
Catherine C. Roberts Communications and Outreach

"Bruce, I want to thank you and your staff again for their great work! I finally got a chance to really sit down and read your efforts in great detail. I could not have written about myself this well. Again, many areas you identified in my resume helped to beef up the KSA's. This indicated to me, you really took the time required to produce an A+ product. You can bet as I progress in my career with the FAA, I'll be online asking for your caring and professional staff again. " Thank you again."
Sean Mosher

"Jan... I just wanted to take this time and say thank you. For helping prepare my resume package. The package you put together for me helped me get employment with the federal gov. and leave the private sector. With out your help this task would have been close to impossible for me. I will keep in touch so I can update my resume with the new position. Thanks Again."
Tyesha Prater

"Liz, I have reviewed the documents and must say that these are marvelous…. I could not add nor delete any portion of this…Amazing!!! It is so clearly written with clearly identified responsibilities and accomplishments. Thanks a million. Thank you Thank you Thank you… (I WOULD HIRE MYSELF) "
Wendy Post

"Mr. Eric Zdanowicz displayed willingness to take the time to review and understand this resumix project and my customer needs. His involvement was both thorough and very efficient, which gave me confidence in him with any of the suggestions he made. In addition to that, he proved to be an excellent liaison between Mr Hillman and did whatever he could to expedite the process. I must commend Eric Zdanowicz on his outstanding job. He is an excellent representative of Career Pro Center." Sincerely,
Frank Lacks Jr.

"I must say the process was very professional and thorough. The counselors were courteous and spent as much time with me as I felt I needed. I would highly recommend your services without hesitation."
Marvis Cobb

"Bruce, thank you very much. Documents look excellent .... Thanks."
Col. Mark Ellis

"Bruce -- "I received your final draft and was truly impressed with your work! Thank you again for your great work!"
SSgt. Yoon Lee

"Overall, very good service. I would recommend it to anyone. I have received as an average grade for the positions I applied to 99 out of 100, ranging from GS 11-15. Thanks for your help.
G.C., Philadelphia, PA

" Gerald Charlotte "Ted, I'm wildly satisfied with the finished product. I owe you enormous debt-of-gratitude for your perseverance. It's going to be unfair for anyone seeking hire against me knowing i'm armed with this incredible visual reference. Thanks again and not to worry, I will recommend you to my legion of active duty/transitioning friends and associates."
Thomas Beverly

"I want to thank you for helping me with my application for the Family Readiness Officer position at Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan. I received an interview last week and I am awaiting to hear from the panel if I made the second cut that will be forward to the General. I appreciated the quality of work that you and your team at Career Pro Center render to the customer. Top-Notch! If I am blessed to be selected for the Family Officer position I owe a bit of gratitude to the men and women that God place in my pathway to help me achieve my goal. Again, thank you for your service and I will be a voice to others of what Career Pro Center can offer."
Donald Williams

"Lisa and Scott did a great job at our SES training session. I felt you all prepared me to write a top notch SES package, one that will get me hired. In fact, I have already recommended your company to some folks here in the Pentagon."
Wallace W. Farris, Brig Gen AF/RE

"Within a month and a half of circulating my new resume through networking in person and internet posting, I landed a $120K+ job after nearly a year of unemployment. Need I say more? The technical writer (Patricia Duckers) and sales coach (Darrell Jones) were spectacular! I am completely satisfied with the bottom-line result: A challenging but lucrative career opportunity in a tumultuous job market."
Jackie Davis, Jr.

" Amazing, I am truly impressed with you and your company. I guarantee to refer all my friends who are thinking about writing their own resumes."
Sgt. Brandon Johnson

" Good morning. I just wanted to let you know the resume you prepared for me has passed the screening process and I have been ranked among the "best qualified" for the supervisory public health analyst position at DHHS. :) Thanks again for all hard work. All the best."

" I found Susan Harris to be very professional and responsive. Her work was exceptional and hopefully it helped to push my KSAs to the top of the pile! Thanks again!
Peggy Greenwell

"Susie communicated with me constantly and made any changes I suggested. She offered advice on my suggestions and worked with me as a teammate. Thanks to her work, I was able to land a job with a major corporation. The hiring manager said my resume “stood out among the rest.” Once again, thanks to Susie and Darrell Jones, who aided me at the very beginning. Your company has nothing but professionals striving to help others in their career searches."
Kurt H. Shorts

"Barbara: I thought I would let you know that I got into the VA in Waco, TX last week. They hired 100 people for Veterans Service Reps. I used your resume to get me in the door. Thanks."
Tom McElvay

" Deb: It has been a while since I have been in contact with you. I want to thank you for your expertise with writing my resume. First, I received an interview with the Federal Railroad Administration,. Then I was searching USAJOBS.GOV and stumbled upon a job. It is with the Department of the Army, Rail Equipment Specialist. I used the exact resume that you wrote for me. I landed a phone interview for the position and a few weeks later I was offered the position. I am so grateful and appreciate all that you did for me. I would recommend your services to anybody who is looking to work for the Federal Government. Thank You."
S. Steppe

"I was extremely pleased with the finished product. The process from start up to completion exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend CareerPro Global to all serious applicants seeking to further their career at the SES levels."

" Ted: Read it, Loved it! Turned it in- THEY LOVE it! You are a GOD. I am so glad that I used this service. I agonized over my resume for months, and just couldn't make it shine like you did. You had all of the little details that they were looking for and proper grammar and descriptions. I appreciate that you have probably helped me get a position as a Mobility Officer."

"Joseph, They look great. I know this was business but I really appreciate your efforts. I feel like you took a personal interest in my resume and crafted a bestseller."
J. Eyestone

" Barbara and Lisa - Wanted to send a quick note to say "thanks!" for assigning Mike Ottensmeyer to my project several weeks ago. I contacted your company via a Web-inquiry form on Jan 17th for assistance putting together a package for a Senior Executive Service (SES)position for which I was applying. Mike was fantastic - easy to work with, constantly encouraging and he delivered an "eye watering" product two days before our scheduled completion date! My SES boss commented on how well written the package was, and I was able to submit the entire package a full day before the deadline. Hats off to your company for having such a talented and professional staff; I will be enthusiastically recommending you to my colleagues. Again, thanks, P.S. I GOT THE INTERVIEW."

" I will be sure to keep your contact info on file in my blackberry. I have several co-workers who will be retiring over the next 6 months to a year and will need a federal resume prepared. I will make sure I refer them to you. If you want, prepare a flyer advertising your services and I will make sure that I place them up in the Unit(s) within the NYPD to get you more business."
Michael W DePaolis

" Everything looked great. Thank you for your excellent work. Lesly Thank you and God bless you always. I will store your email address and phone number for future reference. I would recommend your services to others in need of assistance. Cyber space is not so bad after all :-)".

" Fran: I have been qualified and referred on two positions since you did my resume and ECQs. One is a supervisory position in the Judicial Federal Court as the Continuity of Operations Supervisor and the other is a Management Program Analyst. Both of the positions are GS-15. T.B. I have been applying to the federal government for 8 years and this is the first time I've had an interview. This is an excellent service, well worth the money. Thank you."
Candace B.

" I respect the integrity of the sales worker. She listened to my needs and was able to accommodate them. My writer was available by email and phone which was easy to contact her. She was helpful in a stressful situation of completing my KSAs in 2 days. RA At first glance, this looks amazing. I actually sound impressive to myself now! Thanks so much!"
Michelle D. S.

"Your company helped me tremendously with my Army resume. I want to tell you both THANK YOU for all of your help and that I landed a GS 11 position that I will be starting in September. Thank you very much for all your help and your services were exceptional.".
Jimmy N.

" I cannot say enough about Lisa Becker and the pros at CareerPro Global! I recently used their company to assist in completing my SES application. The SES application process is daunting and formidable, filled with confusing terms and jargon and loaded with stringent requirements. Lisa walked me through it patiently, providing assistance and guidance every step of the way. Her customer focus was second to none; even after the two day session was complete, she continued to provide assistance, reviewing my package and providing support through several more iterations. I lost track of how many times we emailed the package back and forth. She has a complete team of experts with relevant experience in my career field as well as admin support to get the details right like spelling, grammar and format. Just as important, they have experience in the SES process and know what the Executive Review Board is looking for. And they deliver! Not only did they help me make the submission deadline on time but my package was selected as "Best Qualified" and now I am scheduled for an interview. Thanks, CareerPro!"
General Jim Rubeor, USAFR

" Bruce Hillman understood my challenge. The Defense Intelligence Agency tasked its entire staff to complete the new Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) within 4 days. I was going through it with my wife. I put my 6 Performance Objectives (POS) in Bruce hands and I was extremely impressed! I told him I needed all 6 POS on Friday at noon and I received them at 10 am. Thank you for all of your time and hard work, I really appreciate it! I will surely recommend you to all my friends, and family. Each one of my Performance Objectives were done to meet my agency missions and exceeded my expectations. I told Bruce, "You are the man". The cost and services I received were worth it. I recommend CareerPro to anyone that need to get the job done right the first time."
H.H., Defense Intelligence Agency

"I greatly appreciated the excellent customer service I received from Bruce. He was extremely responsive - meeting all of the deadlines we discussed and producing an excellent product."
C.B. DOE SES Candidate

" This was my first attempt into the federal job market. I came from an extensive civil service career at the local level but the federal process was a whole different kingdom. I was completely off course and under a two-week time limit when I reached out to your company. I was assured we would complete the process but it would take a commitment on my part as well as the company. Fran was above great and we worked at all hours to fulfill out commitment to each other and the process. Not only did I benefit from an outstanding finished product, it became obvious my application would not even have met format requirements without your process. My hopes are that our partnership allows me to get to the next level. May God Bless your company for providing professional service with a human quality. Especially, when I needed it."
W.G., SES Candidate

" 5 Stars ***** I am very impressed how professional and knowledgeable the CPS team is. Of the two coaches that I worked with, they did not hesitate to refer to the other one if they did not have the answers I was seeking. My resume is totally awesome - it even impressed my civilian coach! The coaches were extremely pleasant and professional, but also personable. I would absolutely recommend Career Pro Services - I feel without the help of your coaches, I would be clueless and lost in mounts of government paperwork."
Cynthia Cohen - civilian to federal client

" I have used other resume services in the past and this service was by far the most professional and knowledgeable. Pat Duckers did a fantastic job on my federal resume and KSAs, and I was able to edit my federal resume to use for civilian jobs as well. The people who were on the front lines of the phones were honest, sincere and knew what they were talking about and I never felt like a bother. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to retool his or her resume, federal or civilian and I would certainly use their services again."

" I was desperate for help with my resume, with a 1 day deadline that had to be met. From beginning to end everyone was courteous, and understanding of my needs and feeling. Just when I was about to give up the people at CareerPro Global helped me meet my deadline and I know that I could not have done this without them. Special thanks to Patricia Duckers."
Deidra G.

" My number one recommendation to those leaving the military is to hire a resume writing service; if you are seeking federal employment it is absolutely necessary. Even if you are being recruited by a headhunter, there will come a day when you need to have a solid resume. Preparing it soon after leaving the service will makes it more accurate, more detailed, and more descriptive. Service members are not used to having to ask for a job - there is an art to it."
Barbara Lubkin

" I was referred to CareerPro by a friend. I have been nothing but satisfied with the results. My writer was very professional and seemed to have a true interest in the success of my resume and how it portrayed me as a professional. I felt my writer provided me with her honest opinion about what should and should not be included in my resume. I wasn't having much luck with my previous resume, but my new and improved federal resume by CareerPro Global has created interest and many more inquires from employers. I am sure a great position is not far away!"
Vikisha Taylor

"I was selected for the position and am currently waiting for a finalized offer. As for the resume that you prepared - it was outstanding and I was extremely pleased. I was planning to call you when I officially accept the position so, I'm glad you contacted me. Would I use you again for future needs - absolutely. Thanks."
Joe Merli



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