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Open Federal Positions: Currently, there are thousands of open positions. These positions are for all federal job and Civil Service career fields, including Homeland Security, administration, human resources, TSA, CIA, FBI, IT, and medical fields. The positions are located throughout the United States and worldwide.

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Apply for Federal Jobs: However, applying for a federal job position is more difficult than applying for a regular civilian position. Each federal government position has its own unique requirements, including who can apply, when you can apply, and the required documentation to apply. These requirements can be very confusing, and if you do not follow the requirements, you will not get the interview or the job. can help you through this process. Call us today at (800) 471-9201 for a free consultation.

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Federal Resume: Typically, a requirement for a federal job is a resume. This resume is different from a civilian resume. The federal resume—whether it is an OF-612 or SF-171 replacement or a resumix format—contains more information than a civilian resume. It is in a specific format, as specified by the federal government. It needs to include the keywords required for the job(s) for which you are applying. It also needs to be complete, with information not typically found on a civilian resume, including Social Security Numbers, full addresses of previous employers, supervisor names and phone numbers, and detailed listing of education and training. In addition, the Army Resumix, Navy Resumix, and Air Force Resumix formats are very specific, in terms of both actual format and document length. Some federal positions require online applications. Our online resume experts can help you with these applications and can work with you one-on-one.

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Military Veterans: As a member of the military, you gained a wealth of experience, specialized training, and education. You are qualified to work in a variety of positions, both as a team member and a leader. While in the military, you were trained for a specific Military Occupation Specialty (MOS). However, you probably accomplished many tasks outside this specialty.

Security Clearances: Many military occupations or assignments have required military members to apply for and establish a security clearance. If you hold a security clearance, that alone is a valuable commodity to government contractors and the federal government because that will save them thousands of dollars in acquiring one for you and make you an immediate frontrunner for a job within their organization.

Getting Prepared to Transition:
Now that your service time is over (or is about to end), you need to find your next job—or, better yet, your career. This can be a scary and intimidating process. No longer will you be receiving orders for your next assignment, including location and time to report. Instead, it is now your responsibility to look for a job or career. We recommend you start this process at least 8-12 months prior to separation or retirement.

Military Transition Resumes for the Private Sector: You must translate your military experience to relevant opportunities in the civilian marketplace. A military transition resume for the private sector consists of a one- or two-page resume, cover letter, and list of references. As a member of the military, you have gained a wealth of experience, training, and education. You are qualified to work in a variety of civilian and contractor positions, both as a team member and a leader.

Military Transition Resumes for Federal Jobs: A federal resume is the most important document for starting or advancing your federal government career. A federal resume is different from a private-industry resume because it is typically longer and contains some basic "compliance" information required by government personnel. It is a critical marketing presentation, career summary, and personal presentation. It is not just an outline of your jobs and dates. It is a carefully focused, well-written, clearly organized, and professionally presented career package that can help you win jobs and earn promotions. The federal resume utilizes a reverse-chronological format (most recent positions first) and could range from two to six pages in length. Federal resumes are strategically developed to incorporate the all-important keywords and core competencies that will take you to the top of the qualification selection.

Our Ingredients for a Top-Notch Military Transition Resume: Our Certified Military Resume Writing Team will review your military background and match your skills and experience to civilian job requirements and, of course, LISTEN and conform to your career marketing goals. We translate ranks, titles, jargon, missions, and acronyms, allowing corporate employers to understand your career history. We review your duties and accomplishments, creating an individualized, dynamic package that highlights how the skills you obtained in the military translate to civilian workplaces. In other words, we enlighten the civilian hiring managers and ensure they understand the VALUE you bring to their organization.

Master Military Resume Writers: For more than two decades, we have been devoted to developing interview-winning resumes for our veterans. In 2006, we raised the bar and authored and continue to administer the Master Military Resume Writer credential that has been adopted industry-wide. Not all writers are familiar with how the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines operate—their distinct missions, goals, hierarchy, etc. We are!

For a Successful Transition from the Military: Deciding to hire a professional resume writer could be the ONE most important decision you make in your transition from the military. In this tough economy, don't leave your skills and experience to an amateur writer. Hire the best because you deserve the best. We'll take care of the details, if you take care of providing us information such as your NCOERs, EPRs, FitReps, OERs, Training Records, lists of professional training, formal education, awards, citations, and any other important documents. You will receive a strategic, demilitarized, hard-hitting, and interview-winning professional resume presentation that will earn you interviews in remarkably less time that you can imagine. Our military writing team has been tested, and remains tried and true to earn you—our veterans—the chance to transition fast and strategically. We are your choice for your entire military transition resume package development. With our expertise developing both federal resumes and civilian resumes, we are your complete source. Request a quick quote:

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How We Work With You:

The Five Steps:

Step 1: The first step to have us prepare your military transition resume, federal government resume, resumix, KSAs, or essay questions and/or prepare you for online posting is to request a free quick quote. Submit your resume and federal job vacancy announcement for a free review and quote. Contact us at (800) 471-9201 for a free consultation.


Step 2: Our review will help us determine and address what we need to do to prepare your federal resume package. At no cost to you, we will review your existing resume and up to two positions you have identified in the federal government or private/public sector that you are considering.


Step 3: Based on our free review of your background, previously prepared documents, and requirements for the position for which you are applying, we will propose the appropriate type of federal resume or resumix to prepare, determine if there are required KSAs or essay questions, and determine if you are indeed eligible to apply for the federal job vacancies you have selected. You will be quoted a package price via e-mail or through a telephone consultation.


Step 4: When we begin the development of your federal application, we will use the information you supplied us and request additional information such as performance evaluations, awards, college transcripts, and DD-214s, and then develop a questionnaire specifically related to extracting pertinent information in order for us to achieve maximum scoring of keywords and core competencies. Your information will then be integrated with the general series and grade, or pay band of the federal application.


Step 5: Your project delivery date will be scheduled and a draft of your federal application will be delivered to you via e-mail for your final approval. You will have 14 days to make any changes, additions, deletions, etc. to make your application perfect.

Documents and/or information that is helpful to submit:

1. Copies of your annual performance evaluations and job descriptions
2. Copies of any awards, citations, and medals you have received
3. List of professional training received
4. Current or older version of your resume
5. If retired or separated from the military, a copy of your DD-214
6. Up to two federal vacancy announcements of interest and/or two private-sector job announcements of interest to you
7. Your current e-mail address and telephone number(s). Please visit to locate federal jobs of interest

These documents can be sent directly to your career coach at after you have made contact.

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