AVUE Digital Electronic Format

Some vacancy announcements for federal government positions require the AVUE Digital Services format when applying, which, like other federal job formats, has its own limitations and requirements. Your application materials must meet format and keywords criteria to be considered. The AVUE system houses position announcements for agencies like the Forest Service, Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Navy Field Offices, and others. Forestry is one of the featured career paths here.

Online formats can be very restrictive and each has different requirements. If you are not computer-savvy, they can also be difficult to complete correctly. If not done correctly, your application may end up being automatically rejected. You need to relate your story in a specific way—one that is acceptable to the computer filter as well as the hiring manager.

Here are some important details to understand before you begin the process of submitting an AVUE Digital Services application:

  • Register with AVUE Digital Services at www.avuecentral.com.
  • The input format is a plain layout without caps, italics, or any design characteristics like you might see with a regular resume.
  • Pay strict attention to character counts in each section. Microsoft (MS) Word may not be completely accurate in the character count. INCLUDE SPACES.
  • Each job history segment allows for 4,000 characters and spaces, as does the additional information area, where you list your summary, awards, licenses, and more. You must be tight and clean in your writing to meet the very restrictive character size requirements.

Beware of system timeouts while inputting to the system. If you enter your information "live" on screen, you could lose it. It's much more efficient to have the main sections of your job history information prepared in such a way that you can simply copy and paste the relevant sections, as needed. That's how we prepare your materials—with copy-and-paste simplicity.

The input format for AVUE is very ordinary with no style features permitted as you might see on a regular resume. There are several ways to effectively highlight important information; when you have us prepare your Resumix, everything will be formatted with appropriate highlights and proper format in mind.


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The Five Steps:

Step 1: The first step to have us prepare your military transition resume, federal government resume, resumix, KSAs, or essay questions and/or prepare you for online posting is to request a free quick quote. Submit your resume and federal job vacancy announcement for a free review and quote. Contact us at (800) 471-9201 for a free consultation.

Step 2: Our review will help us determine and address what we need to do to prepare your federal resume package. At no cost to you, we will review your existing resume and up to two positions you have identified in the federal government or private/public sector that you are considering.

Step 3: Based on our free review of your background, previously prepared documents, and requirements for the position for which you are applying, we will propose the appropriate type of federal resume or resumix to prepare, determine if there are required KSAs or essay questions, and determine if you are indeed eligible to apply for the federal job vacancies you have selected. You will be quoted a package price via e-mail or through a telephone consultation.

Step 4: When we begin the development of your federal application, we will use the information you supplied us and request additional information such as performance evaluations, awards, college transcripts, and DD-214s, and then develop a questionnaire specifically related to extracting pertinent information in order for us to achieve maximum scoring of keywords and core competencies. Your information will then be integrated with the general series and grade, or pay band of the federal application.

Step 5: Your project delivery date will be scheduled and a draft of your federal application will be delivered to you via e-mail for your final approval. You will have 14 days to make any changes, additions, deletions, etc. to make your application perfect.

Documents and/or information that is helpful to submit:

1. Copies of your annual performance evaluations and job descriptions
2. Copies of any awards, citations, and medals you have received
3. List of professional training received
4. Current or older version of your resume
5. If retired or separated from the military, a copy of your DD-214
6. Up to two federal vacancy announcements of interest and/or two private-sector job announcements of interest to you
7. Your current e-mail address and telephone number(s). Please visit www.usajobs.opm.gov to locate federal jobs of interest

These documents can be sent directly to your career coach at ArmyResumes.com after you have made contact.

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