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Army Resume | Military Transition

Since 1986, CareerPro Global (CPG) has been writing military transition resumes. As authors of the Master Military Resume Writer credential, our writers are the "go-to" source for military transition resumes. We specialize in:

  • Military to Civilian Resumes
  • Military to Federal Resumes
  • Military Promotion Resumes
  • Military to Government Contractor Resumes

We know what hiring managers are looking for and will demilitarize your military job experience. Hire the experts and transition fast and strategically.

Federal Resumes and Army CPOL

Join 50,000 satisfied clients who chose us to have their federal resume developed. Our Certified Federal Resume Writers are the leaders in writing federal job resumes and KSAs. We develop and specialize in:

  • USAJobs and Application Manager
  • Resumix: Army CPOL and Navy CHART
  • AVUE and QuickHire
  • KSAs and Essay Questions

Are KSAs still required with your federal resume? Yes--for some federal job vacancies, they are. We can help you qualify or understand how the KSAs are to be applied.

SES and ECQs Writing

As leaders in SES application development we have our fingers on the pulse of changes in SES application requirements. We develop hundreds of SES applications each year.

  • New Five--Page SES/ECQ All-Inclusive Resume
  • Federal SES Paper and USAJobs
  • ECQs, TQ, MTQs, DQs, and others
  • QRB- and OPM-Compliant

Our SES writing service is interactive and for the SERIOUS SES applicant. More than 83% of our SES clients earn interviews.

FEDERAL HIRING REFORMRead about the updates

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At, we are pioneers in the development of the new Five-PAGE ALL-INCLUSIVE SES and ECQ resume. Our SES applications are earning our senior executive clients interviews and job offers!


At, we have extensive experience creating powerful Army CPOL resume documents - in compliance with all size and character restrictions and designed to help you achieve Best Qualified status for these coveted Army civilian position applications.Read more about the Army CPOL process.

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