ArmyResumes specializes in creating resumes for Military personal transitioning to either the Federal Government or the private sector. Our staff will carefully evaluate your military or civlian career documentation disseminate the most important information, and create "job specific government resumes" or demilitarized resumes for folks transitioning to the private sector.

Our service brings over 35 years of combined expertise working with the “best-of-the-best” in all branches and ranks of the Armed Forces and entry to executive level Civil Service personnel. Let our team of expert writers create high-impact, thorough and accomplishment oriented resumes to meet your career marketing goals.

We've helped over 25,000 clients and stand ready to help you.

“I am far beyond satisfied. The PTQ’s were like the rest of your work -- fabulous. I can now apply with confidence to my chosen SES vacancies. I have recommended your service to several associates. I’ll be in touch!”
Lucia Ross, SES Candidate

"I really meant what I have said "I sincerely think you are the "BEST" and get the most and best results. Your assistance and support is second to none. I do not think I will ever used any other service. Once again you are the greatest"

M. Diettel, Dept of the Army - Contract Specialist - GS-12 (Jan 05)

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help and services. I have been 'referred to the selection official' for two jobs so far within one week due to the Resumix prepared for the Department of the Army."

J. Reyes, Human Resources (Jan 05)


"I have used other resume services in the past and this service was by far the most professional and knowledgeable. Pat Duckers did a fantastic job on my federal resume and KSAs, and I was able to edit my federal resume to use for civilian jobs as well. The people who were on the front lines of the phones were honest, sincere and knew what they were talking about and I never felt like a bother. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to retool his or her resume, federal or civilian and I would certainly use their services again. "

-S.R. - June 2008
" I picked this service off of a web site based on some basic guidelines that I found on the net. I thought it was expensive, but I was under a tight timeline. I had to strongly participate over 5 days, but it was worth the investment. I watched my life and my accomplishments displayed out in front of me like magic. It was a great experience."

"Yes, I would recommend your services to my friends, co-workers, the results I received were very professional, and with those results I made the list for a job I really want. Therefore, I feel my investment was worth the cost."

"Diana, I am happy to report that I am in the middle of a security clearance for Immigration. I had a Federal Investigator visit with me last week, and if everything goes smooth...I may start a new job soon! I am very excited and I don't believe I would have this opportunity without your help!

Thank you very much,"

"I am very pleased with CareerPro services in rewriting my professional resume. I posted the resume a few minutes after I received it. I have been invited to four interviews for executive positions and one of which is the second one. I have already recommended three of my friends to CareerPro. The sales person, Johnny Anderson was exceptional. He worked hard to get information from me to produce a professional resume.

Thanks for being here for me at this time in this stage of my career. "

"My name is Marvin DeBoest, you help me redo my resume several months ago. I'm working in Kuwait. This past month I went to my first job interview with my new resume. The HR Manager read my resume and hired me on the spot. I finally have a job that's the same line of work I did in the army chemical corp. I want to say thank you and also to Ted Telega for helping me with my resume."

June 2008
"I was desperate for help with my resume, with a 1 day deadline that had to be met. From beginning to end everyone was courteous, and understanding of my needs and feeling. Just when I was about to give up the people at CareerPro Global helped me meet my deadline and I know that I could not have done this without them. Special thanks to Patricia Duckers."

Deidra G.
I am presently in the running in the top two for the AFSD-Screening in xxxxx and should hear this week after two interviews. I am also applying for the FSD in xxxx, since it is only 3 hours from my present location. For this job announcement, TSA eliminated one and added a new KSA, Technical Knowledge.

I contacted Lisa this past Tuesday and we worked together to get this new KSA written and sized to fit the new TSA requirements which are to post on line and have them fit within a certain character count. She completed this in under three days start to finish with editing and I am ready to forward my packet to TSA today, the deadline is Monday 16 June. Super Job!

I wanted to also mention that while I was being interviewed by the Regional Federal Security Director, he commented during the interview that my Fed Resume was one of the best he had ever seen and stated, " it was easy to read, informative and very well formatted"

Thought you should know since Lisa seems to have spent the appropriate time ensuring all goes well at screening with the TSA recruitment center and OPM getting certified resumes as well as with hiring officials that like her products.

Thanks and will keep all posted..."

ROBERT H. RONGE, COL, GS, WIARNG, Chief of Staff-Army
"My number one recommendation to those leaving the military is to hire a resume writing service; if you are seeking federal employment it is absolutely necessary. Even if you are being recruited by a headhunter, there will come a day when you need to have a solid resume. Preparing it soon after leaving the service will makes it more accurate, more detailed, and more descriptive. Service members are not used to having to ask for a job – there is an art to it."

Barbara Lubkin
"Bruce ~ Thank you for the great resume! I'm finalist for a job that's 10 mins from my home...just awaiting PPP list to clear (Think 1 person hit). Take care and God bless,"

"I would like to thank Jan Leary for her outstanding support and excellent craftsman skills with my KSA’s and resume. I have already given your organization to a few of my friends that are retiring soon. Keep up the great work, and Jan is worth her weight in gold."

Anthony Martin
"Jan, The resume presentation was excellent. I really appreciate your staff (Johnny and Darrell), who were extremely accommodating and your superb customer service. Ms. Leary, I have a confession to make. I used your services before when you were located on Mercer University Dr. I secured the job I have now nearly 8 years ago, with the resume you compiled for me. So it was no surprise to me when I decided to make a career change, where to go for assistance. I am patiently waiting to see what is in store for me now. God bless you and your organization. I only hope that I will be as successful as you, in the future."

Just, Chantea
"I am currently on a contract with DynCorp in Africa. The resume you done for me was wonderful, I have no complaints whatsoever. I sincerely appreciate the time you took and the effort you put into making my resume the best it could possibly be.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who my be looking for a resume that would place them heads above the rest in the competitive market of world job search.

Thank you again,"

V/R Joseph Dorman
"I called CareerPro Global after looking on the internet for help with an SES package. I was in a time crunch, did not know where to start, and I did not feel I had any of the expertise to be considered for the position but thought I should talk to someone before I decided not to apply. Upon my initial contact I was immediately put at ease. They showed me I not only qualified, that I was a strong contender for the position. They assured me right up front they would do all the work and all I would have to do is answer their questions, provide the background information and RELAX.

True to their word my resume and technical skills were done in an amazing amount of time. The greatest surprise to me was the answers to the ECQs were EXACTLY how I would have answered the questions if I had the time to sit down and write them myself. It is because of their skill, caring and encouragement I made it to the board and was interviewed for the SES. Without them I would never have applied. "

Carol Susan Kisthardt, NCIS

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