Army Resumes specializes in creating resumes for Army personnel transitioning to either the Federal Government or the private sector. Our staff will carefully evaluate your military or civlian career documentation disseminate the most important information, and create "job specific government resumes" or demilitarized resumes for folks transitioning to the private sector.

Our service brings over two decades of expertise working with the “best-of-the-best” in all branches and ranks of the Armed Forces and entry to executive level Civil Service personnel. Let our team of expert writers create high-impact, thorough and accomplishment oriented resumes to meet your career marketing goals.

We've helped over 50,000 clients and stand ready to help you.

"An absolutely fantastic job!!! It has been a real pleasure to deal with true professionals. You provided what you promised and more. I can't say enough about my Federal Resume and KSA development. Outstanding."

B. Baker, Executive Officer, GS-13

"I really meant what I have said "I sincerely think you are the "BEST" and get the most and best results. Your assistance and support is second to none. I do not think I will ever used any other service. Once again you are the greatest"

M. Diettel, Dept of the Army - Contract Specialist - GS-12

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help and services. I have been 'referred to the selection official' for two jobs so far within one week due to the Resumix prepared for the Department of the Army."

J. Reyes, Human Resources

What are KSAs?

When you apply for a Federal Government position, some Federal job announcements require additional statements. These statements are known as KSAs - Knowledge, Skills, and Ability statements. They also may be called Selective Factors, Key Elements, TQs (Technical Qualification statements), KSAOs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics). If they are asked for, they are required.

What Do KSAs Require?
For many announcements, these questions are separate 3/4 to 2 page answers to questions related to the job you are applying for. Other announcements may specify other lengths - or may ask to include answers to the KSAs in your RESUMIX resume. Some announcements require you to cut and paste your KSA answers in an online application. You will need to read each announcement carefully for the requirements. We can help you to read these announcements to determine what is required.

How Do You Answer KSAs?

KSAs can be difficult questions to answer. Each KSA will be graded from 5 to 20 points per answer - and are critical in being ranked as "qualified" or "best qualified". We offer our expertise in writing these statements, highlighting your experience to ensure maximum KSA ranking. Call us today at (800) 471-9201 for a free consultation to start your process.

How Are KSAs Priced?

We price our KSAs based on the amount of time it will take us to write them for you. We write the KSAs so they can be reused for other positions that ask similar questions - saving you money as you apply for Federal positions.

What We Recommend?

We recommend that we write both your KSAs and Federal Resume. By doing this, you will submit a complete package that represents you at your best, with the Federal Resume including all pertinent information in the KSAs. However, if you think your Federal Resume is already a polished document, we are happy just to write your KSAs. Call us today at (800) 471-9201 for a free consultation to start your process.

The Four Steps:

Step 1: The first step for us to prepare your KSAs is for you to contact us at (800) 471-9201 for a free consultation. In our free consultation, we will determine what we need to do to prepare your KSA package.

Step 2: We will review your existing documentation and any positions you have identified in the Federal Government that you are considering to apply for.

Step 3: Based on our free review of your background, previously prepared documents, and requirements for the position you are applying for, we will propose a package to meet your requirements, priced according to the projected hours of development for us to complete your package.

Step 4: Once you decide to work with us, we will prepare a detailed questionnaire, designed to find out how your experience matches the KSA requirements. You choose whether to answer the questionnaire by writing out answers to the questions or to have a phone consultation - you choose the method that works best for you.

Some of the documentation we review in our process includes:

If you were in the Military:

  • Performance evaluations, including: EPRs, EERs, NCOERs, Fit Reps, OPRs, OERs
  • DD-214 if available
  • All Military training certificates
  • All Military awards and commendations
  • Smart Transcripts
  • College Transcripts

Civilian Documentation:

  • Any previously prepared resumes
  • All transcripts
  • All non-Military training certificates
  • All non-Military awards
  • Performance evaluations (if available - essential if you are already Civil Service)
  • Job descriptions

ArmyResumes can expertly prepare:

  • Federal Resumes
  • Army Resumix
  • Other Agency Resumix
  • KSAs
  • SES Packages
  • ECQs
  • Other narrative statements
  • On-line applications

We have expertly developed KSA packages for all levels of the Federal Government, all over the United States and worldwide. We have specialists, with highly technical training for all occupations. We can produce a dynamic, job-winning, KSA package for you.

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Contact us today at 800-471-9201 for a free consultation.

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