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Army Resumes staff are experts in creating resumes for Army personnel transitioning to either the Federal Government or the private sector. Our staff will carefully evaluate your Army or civilian career documentation to recover the most important information, and create "job specific federal government resumes" or demilitarized resumes for folks transitioning to the private sector.

Let our team of expert writers create high-impact, thorough and accomplishment oriented resumes to meet your career marketing goals. Our service brings over two decades of expertise working with the “best-of-the-best” in all branches and ranks of the Armed Forces and entry to executive level Civil Service personnel.

We've helped over 50,000 clients and stand ready to help you. Government Job Book

“I am far beyond satisfied. The PTQ’s were like the rest of your work -- fabulous. I can now apply with confidence to my chosen SES vacancies. I have recommended your service to several associates. I’ll be in touch!”
Lucia Ross, SES Candidate

"I really meant what I have said "I sincerely think you are the "BEST" and get the most and best results. Your assistance and support is second to none. I do not think I will ever used any other service. Once again you are the greatest"

M. Diettel, Dept of the Army - Contract Specialist - GS-12

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help and services. I have been 'referred to the selection official' for two jobs so far within one week due to the Resumix prepared for the Department of the Army."

J. Reyes, Human Resources

Army CPOL (Civilian Personnel Online):

A number of Federal Government job vacancy announements require the Army CPOL RESUMIX format in the application - which is scanned into a computer database for preliminary screening. Your materials must meet the job size, layout, and keywords criteria just to get past the computer filters to be seen by a human being.

Online formats are very restrictive and each has different requirements. If you are not computer-savvy, they can also be very difficult to complete correctly. If not done correctly, your application may end up being automatically rejected even though you may be fully qualified. You need to tell your story in a specific way - one that is acceptable to the computer as well as the hiring manager.

For many job openings, hundreds of applications are received. Here are some important details to understand before you begin the process of submitting an ARMY CPOL RESUMIX.

  • List of allowable characters in the Army CPOL format is: [A-Z],[a-z],[0-9],[comma],~!@#$%^&*()-_+={[}]|\<>?/.`
  • Do NOT use " or -- or ... punctuation. MS Word changes them to characters the Army CPOL will not recognize.
  • Pay close attention to character counts in each section. MS Word may not be completely accurate in the character count. INCLUDE SPACES.
  • The work experience section allows 12,000 total characters and spaces; the education section allows 2,000.
  • The additional information (where you get to put your summary and areas of expertise) allows for 6,000 total characters.
  • Refer to the Web site at

It is not recommended to use the CPOL worksheet option when inputting data. While it might seem to make sense, it's actually more difficult. It's much more efficient to have all of your information prepared in such as way that you can simply copy and paste the relevant sections as needed. That's how we prepare your materials - with copy and paste simplicity.

The input format for Army CPOL is avery "plain Jane" format with no style features permitted as you might see on a regular resume. There are ways to effectively highlight important information and when you let us prepare your Resumix, everything will be formatted with highlights and the proper format in mind.

Work with us: the four steps:

Step 1: The first step for us to prepare your Military Transition Resume, Federal Government Resume or Resumix, KSAs or prepare you for online posting, contact us at (800) 471-9201 or email us for a free consultation.

Step 2: In our free consultation, we will determine what we need to do to prepare your Federal Resume package. We will review your existing documentation and any positions you have identified in the Federal Government or private / public sector that you are considering to apply for.

Step 3: Based on our free review of your background, previously prepared documents, and requirements for the position you are applying for, we will propose a package to meet your requirements, priced according to the projected hours of development for us to complete your package.

Step 4: We will use the information you supplied us, and if needed, a questionnaire, to prepare your resume package.

Some of the documentation we review in our process includes:

If you were in the Military:

  • Performance evaluations, including: EPRs, EERs, NCOERs, Fit Reps, OPRs, OERs
  • DD-214 if available
  • All Military training certificates
  • All Military awards and commendations
  • Smart Transcripts
  • College Transcripts

Civilian Documentation:

  • Any previously prepared resumes
  • All transcripts
  • All non-Military training certificates
  • All non-Military awards
  • Performance evaluations (if available - essential if you are already Civil Service)
  • Job descriptions

Army Resumes can expertly prepare:

  • Federal Resumes
  • Army Resumix
  • Other Agency Resumix
  • KSAs
  • SES Packages
  • ECQs
  • Other narrative statements
  • On-line applications

Contact us at (800) 471-9201 for a free consultation.

We have expertly developed resume packages for all levels of the Federal Government, all over the United States and worldwide. We have specialists, with highly technical training for all occupations. We can produce a dynamic, job-winning, resume package for you.

(800) 471-9201 Toll Free
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(478) 742-2882 (fax)

Contact us today at 800-471-9201 for a free consultation.

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